Canadian freelance arts, culture and travel journalist based in Cologne, Germany.

Outlets include Los Angeles Times, Globe & Mail, The Financial Times, Time Out New York, Hemispheres and Rhapsody (United Airlines)

PRs: I'd very much like to hear about luxury travel news incl 4&5★ hotel renos/openings, gallery/museum openings and other cultural events as well as junkets. No cruise info please.


English trainer, business coach and ghostwriter.

I've collaborated on 15 non-fiction book projects on subjects relating to business, marketing and real estate.

Best skills: explaining complicated ideas clearly, making boring text interesting and finding new angles for tired narratives.



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What’s New

My English teaching site is new. Still getting the final kinks worked out, but EnglischCrashkurs.com is now open for business. In English oder Deutsch. Mostly C1&C2 Business English Crash Courses but all sort of other custom options including half and whole day workshops available. Exciting! In other news: Thanksgiving happened this past weekend. It turns out the answer to ‘what […]

Hire me to:

tell a story

text, audio, video, images, online, in print – whatever medium tells the story best. I’ve worked as a freelance print journalist in four countries over the last seven years and have written an unthinkable amount of web content for individuals and companies like Lufthansa, EMI, Sony and World Vision. I’ve also ghostwritten 15 non-fiction books. More recently, I’ve created radio […]

help you get people to read your story

I work with businesses large and small to help them do what they do better. If you have a great story and don’t know where to start, I can do anything from giving you a gentle shove in the right direction to driving the train. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few casual advice sessions or a major brand overhaul. […]

help you improve your English

Native English speaker or not, there are plenty of ways we can work together to help you express your ideas more clearly and eloquently in English. The first session for all clients is devoted to seeing where you’re at, where you want to go to and how you want to get there. Then I design a custom program that will […]


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