Canadian freelance arts, culture and travel journalist based in Cologne, Germany.

Outlets include Los Angeles Times, Globe & Mail, The Financial Times, Time Out New York, Hemispheres and Rhapsody (United Airlines)

PRs: I'd very much like to hear about luxury travel news incl 4&5★ hotel renos/openings, gallery/museum openings and other cultural events as well as junkets. No cruise info please.


English trainer, business coach and ghostwriter.

I've collaborated on 15 non-fiction book projects on subjects relating to business, marketing and real estate.

Best skills: explaining complicated ideas clearly, making boring text interesting and finding new angles for tired narratives.



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To The Moon…Er…Mars

This summer I interviewed eight Canadians who have applied to be part of the first settlement on Mars. The piece looks better in print – click on the little magnifying glass to embiggen – but can also be read online here. Enjoy!

One response to “To The Moon…Er…Mars”

  1. Murray B says:

    Most young people do not know it today but a Canadian almost made it to the moon before the Americans did.

    When my buddy and I were in grade school we were building a moon rocket and had a space capsule and everything. The capsule was a cylindrical galvanized steel device made by GSW that we found in the back alley. We had made amazing progress with the program until an unfortunate incident with rocket fuel brought everything to an abrupt end. The fire was just in one little tiny side of my dad’s garage but he terminated the program anyway.

    The Americans must have gotten to him to sabotage our mission because there is no other reasonable explanation for what happened. For all I know they could have started the fire too. Yes…it is all starting to make sense now.

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